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Let us help you with your fundraising needs by hosting a great event and raising money for your organization, team or special event! You can also run a silent auction, sell raffle tickets, or hold a 50/50 at one of our fantastic venues.

How it works:

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  2. Choose the Smitty’s location to host your event.
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Ticket price determined by guest.
Terms and Conditions
  • Fundraiser date is not confirmed until a contract has been signed $200 deposit has been given. The deposit will be taken off total bill.
  • Smitty's will provide customized tickets
  • Booking party will pay final invoice & return all unsold tickets at the time of arrival for set up.
  • Booking party will provide Smitty's with a guaranteed number of tickets sold 1 week prior to the event and then again 24 hours prior.
  • Booking party has access for setup 30min prior to event start time unless otherwise arranged.
  • A minimum number of 50 tickets will be charged.
  • Booking party is responsible for all silent auction or 50/50 licensing and organization.
  • Rental includes guest seating, reception table, silent auction table & serving staff.
  • Smitty's retains a percentage of each ticket sold.